Who We Are

Me and my father decided to start a family business showing the beautiful Algarve throught one of our beloved passions , the 2cv . The classic 2cv is part of our way of living. It has been in our family since 28 years and our cars have travelled through many places in Portugal even stepping in the streets of Madeira, one of the islands.

                   About the iconic 2cv 


Pierre Jules Boulanger  is responsible for the engineering of the Citroen brand. His colaborators are the engineer André Lefebvre and the man with “golden fingers” Flaminio Bertoni.

His idea has he said it : “We must create a car for people … It has to be simple, without too much comfort, take on board some people and goods, able to drive on any type of land … but it mostly has to be economic” .


Starts the production of the 2CV  in June 1949. It is equipped with an engine of 375 cm3. Four vehicles are manufactured every day to cope with the growing demand early on.


Many versions of the 2cv are made , adapted to all businesses and social demands


July 27 at 16h, the last 2CV goes out of the factory in Mangualde,  Portugal